Overview Of PLR Products

Are you looking for creative ways to market products that you can rebrand and sell? Private Label Rights (PLR) products are a great way to make money online. PLR products refer to any type of digital product — such as ebooks, reports, software, scripts, graphics, videos, turnkey websites, articles, email courses, audios or podcasts — where the original author has given permission for others to resell or alter the content and claim ownership of it.


For anyone starting out with their own business selling digital products – or someone simply looking to add new options to their portfolio – there are numerous benefits associated with rebranding PLR products. Not only does it save time compared to creating your own content from scratch, but rebranding existing content also allows you to target a specific audience with customized materials.


When it comes down to selecting the right types of PLR products to include in your range of offerings there is quite a varied selection available online. First and foremost are ebooks and reports that can be easily edited and adapted according to your requirements before being sold on for profit. Paired with these are software and scripts – perfect for developers who want to save time creating programs from scratch. Graphic designers will find plenty of options in the form of videos and images which can be repurposed into new works without having to start from scratch every time. And for budding entrepreneurs who want an instant website, there are multiple turnkey websites up for grabs where only minimal customizing is needed before going live.



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